do you learn about humana dental Humana Dental owner that if they try to do that you’re gonna demand that you get them to come out here and you’re gonna raise chaos with them you know if that’s what we decide to do at that time and if they come out you’re not gonna .

Humana Dental

Let them come out and do an appointment without me being there rightlike under no circumstances can that possibly happen you’re not going to attempt to explain .

My estimate when they contact you to try to get you to do so no you’re gonna defer to the expert me right like when they contact you you’re gonna tell them to call me let me give you an analogy that’ll maybe help bring this

Home a little better medical insurance health insurance right like you go to the doctor you’ve got health insurance go to the doctor the doctor treats you pay your deductible to the doctor and the doctor then sends the bill to the

Insurance company and sometimes the insurance company might contact you the policyholder to get you to explain the treatment right but how silly is .

That like you could maybe explain that you had to get the treatment done or you know maybe dates that you went in n things like that but you can’t then explain to the insurance company the estimate that the doctor submitted andlike the medical coding details and billing codes that are on that estimate